How AusIMM used CAMS to boost renewals & offer members a better end-to-end experience

A combination of the natural resources employment boom and advancing technology within the industry, led the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) to embark on a 3 year digital transformation program.

With a focus on streamlining processes and providing an enhanced membership experience, AusIMM partnered with Clade to implement CAMS, its membership management solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The association has since seen a reduction in manual, repetitive tasks done by staff, an increase in membership renewals, and significant improvements to the new member application process – going from 6 steps to complete a member application, to just 3.

The start of AusIMM’s digital transformation

As the peak body and trusted voice of the resources industry, AusIMM engages with more than 13,000 members regularly. AusIMM had been using disparate digital platforms to serve members and deliver benefits including conferences, training courses, and an online publication library.

As a first step toward digital transformation, AusIMM began to evaluate potential membership management platforms, one of which was Clade’s CAMS solution. AusIMM needed a single, holistic system that could combine data from various sources, save staff time, and remove the need for endless spreadsheets.

We wanted a solution built on Dynamics 365, that allowed room for future growth, and that easily integrated with our existing Microsoft application ecosystem. From there, we narrowed down our choice based on best fit, with Clade’s CAMS team showing both flexibility and a deep understanding of our industry and needs,” says Samuel Rauert, Senior Digital Coordinator at AusIMM.

“Clade took the time to really understand our organisation, they listened to what we were struggling with and ultimately helped us find the right solution”

Alex Johnston, Senior Manager of Member Services, AusIMM
Improved member satisfaction leads to increases in renewals

Following AusIMM’s go-live with CAMS, clear improvements were quickly experienced by both staff and members.

The membership renewal process is a great example of one of the improvements we’ve seen. Members can now renew in a single, quick transaction that does not require manual and laborious processes at our end” explains Alex Johnston, Senior Manager of Member Services for AusIMM.

An increase in membership renewals has since been seen by the AusIMM team, when compared to the same period during the previous year.

CAMS has also streamlined and automated processes associated with contacting members, saving staff time.

CAMS is a well performing, holistic systems that was built specifically to our needs. The Clade team worked with us to assess what wasn’t working well and what was missing ,to ensure the platform was configured to our requirements. The fact it now has an email system with built-in templates and automated reminders, has meant greater productivity for the whole team” Alex notes.

New member application process quicker & easier than ever before

By improving the membership renewal process, Samuel and Alex have noticed a shift across other areas of the organisation. For Alex, time previously spent manually approving membership is now spent on the core task of better serving their members. New integrations and the introduction of a single source of data have made daily operations more efficient, and improved the member experience.

The application process for new members is now also quicker and easier than ever before.

Since the launch of CAMS, new membership applications have gone from having around 6 steps to complete, to just 3 steps to approval. New members are telling us it’s very easy and quick to join” says Alex.

Plans for the future

Clade is now working with AusIMM to integrate sales pipeline management within CAMS, providing AusIMM with a single view of sales contacts – exhibitors, sponsors and partners -linked to various products across events, courses, membership, publications and more.

The end goal is to have everything integrated, so it’s all in one place. The scalability of CAMS means this will be achievable – in fact we’re well on our way” says Samuel.

Words of advice from AusIMM

According to Alex, the best advice she can give to other associations is to shop around for a technology partner, and she warns against partners that take a cookie-cutter approach.

Clade listened and built our system in the way we envisaged it. We had some complex requirements – multiple membership grades and various member criteria, among many other things. But Clade took the time to really understand our organisation, they listened to what we were struggling with and ultimately helped us find the right solution”.

At a glance


Integrate disparate systems to streamline & improve the member experience.


CAMS: A single, scalable system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, with custom extension development, bespoke to AusIMM.


Increased membership renewals, reduced administrative burden for staff & positive feedback from new members about the joining experience.

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