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Achieve business results with our Business Process Innovation assessment. We can help you quickly identify crucial areas of business improvement that align to your strategic growth plans.

What is Business Process Innovation (BPI)?

Business Process Innovation involves embracing advancements in technology to discover new revenue opportunities and improve operational efficiencies. Our BPI Assessment uncovers improvements in your business operations through a proven methodology.

Combining the key principles of Design Thinking with the latest advances in data and technology, we are able to deliver a practical plan to drive real outcomes within weeks.

What’s Included

Design Thinking workshops  |  Business process and journey mapping  |  User and key stakeholder intelligence gathering  |  Workflow observation and recording  |  Storyboarding and collaborative ideation  |  Narrative based vision planning  |  Execution and delivery road mapping
| Design Thinking workshops | Business process and journey mapping | User and key stakeholder intelligence gathering | Workflow observation and recording | Storyboarding and collaborative ideation | Narrative based vision planning | Execution and delivery road mapping

BPI Benefits Include

Process Deviations


Get insight into the flow of your business processes and identify inefficiencies, weaknesses, risks – and their causes.

Better Alignment


Determine the technology adjustments required to improve communication and cooperation between business units.

Smarter Data


Understand how to better use staff performance and customer engagement data insights to implement process change.
Improved Business Management

Improved Business Management

Identify better-functioning business management processes to ensure all business units know what they should be doing, and why they should be doing it.
Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Use customer care and customer acquisition analysis to pinpoint weak spots. It’s cheaper to leverage existing customers than to find new ones.
Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Identify and implement advanced technology business systems that provide real-time insights to accelerate optimisation and continuous improvement.
Data-Based Insights


Discover process-related dimensions to give managers a 360-degree view to make the right decisions, as compared to “traditional” hypothesis.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Invest in business process digital transformation and reap ongoing benefits, including better performance and cost saving.

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