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Clade and ACFID announce partnership, bringing the power of Microsoft technology to Australian non-profits


We’re delighted to share the news of our partnership with the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID).

With over 150 members including Oxfam Australia, the Australian Red Cross, and The Fred Hollows Foundation, ACFID unites Australia’s non-government aid and international development organisations to strengthen their collective impact against poverty.

This new partnership allows Clade to support ACFID in achieving its vision of a world where gross inequality within societies and between nations is reversed and extreme poverty is eradicated. Through its commitment to providing members with access to a broad base of expertise, ACFID’s partnership with Clade will enable its members to leverage Microsoft business applications to drive growth and positive social impact.

Clade began working with not-for-profits a decade ago, realising that digital transformation in the sector lagged behind other industries, and recognising the potential to make a positive difference. We have since worked with organisations like the ADARA group, RSL NSW and Global Infrastructure Hub to digitise processes and use data to uncover opportunities and measure impact.

Mark Carpenter, ACFID Director of Business & Corporate Partnerships said “ACFID is undergoing a period of digital transformation, moving away from aging technology and upgrading our CRM, database and website.

We have been working with Clade Solutions to develop a digital solution that will enable us to refine and streamline our communications, enrich our data management processes, and enhance our member engagement approach. Clade’s expertise will ensure that both ACFID and our members will benefit from modern and upgraded technology. ACFID looks forward to a strong working partnership with Clade in enhancing our digital landscape and capability in the coming years.”

Duncan Journee, CEO of Clade Solutions, said “This partnership reinforces Clade’s commitment to the not-for-profit sector, and advances our desire to create positive change with technology.

Microsoft offers affordable and innovative technology to help non-profits of all sizes achieve their missions. They also make numerous license grants and discounts available to eligible organisations. At Clade, we have the local expertise to help Australian non-profits unlock the full benefits of this technology and the funding available. We look forward to working with ACFID to achieve a greater collective outcome for its members.”

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