Steve Morris joins Clade

Steve Morris joins Clade

Tell us a little bit about your background?

Where to start…

I was born and raised in Canada, and I originally came to Australia after completing my university degree.  My original intention was to simply enjoy a gap year, maybe learn to surf and then return home.  But that plan quickly changed as my friend already living in Australia had lined up a consulting job interview the day I got off the plane, and I was employed with a full-time proper job within my first week here.

The sad part of that story is that I’ve been here over 16 years now and still can’t really surf.  But the upside is that my home and family are here now, I’ve married an Aussie wife, and together we’ve started our family.  Firstly, adopting a whippet x staghound puppy and then having our own child, Franklin – who’s just over a year old.

Over the last 16 years I’ve had the opportunity to work for and with some great companies.  I started consulting with a small technology partner in North Sydney, Australia where I mostly worked with Pivotal CRM, but also custom web portals, content management systems and custom applications.

However, I was shortly poached by Eclipse Computing where we implemented many large CRM solutions over the years for many government and public sector companies.

Between 2006 and 2010, an opportunity came up to work with Football Australia. Football was going through a major restructure and was looking for someone to focus on centralising all player registrations and delivering technology services to member federations, along with various internal initiatives.

By 2010, I yearned to return to the fast-paced world of consulting and, in fact, returned to Eclipse Computing.  For another 8 years I worked various roles within Eclipse including Solution Architecture, Presales, Team Lead and various roles in between.  Through the last 8 years, Eclipse has changed greatly due to mergers and acquisitions and today is part of

Recently, in October 2018, I joined Clade to grow and foster their growing Dynamics 365 & Business Applications team.  I’m looking forward to this next era in my career.


Why did you join Clade?

The most exciting part of joining Clade is the opportunity to shape and foster a talented and rapidly growing Microsoft-focused technology consultancy.

Clade has already built a great team over the past 5 years along with having a strong vision for their future. So, it is my luck and pleasure to join such a talented and dynamic team.

Clade embraces the start-up culture along with high pace consulting projects, challenging opportunities and cutting-edge technology. With a goal of doubling the practice every two years we’re set out for some exciting challenges ahead.


What excites you the most about your new role?

It is a great time to be working in the technology sector, to be working with businesses who are increasingly on-board with the need for digital transformation, and to be partnering with Microsoft and their Dynamics 365 platform to rapidly assist customers along their transformation journey.

Digital transformation is now something even the smallest organization can embrace due to the ease of access to technology and the strength of the Microsoft platform. And the scope and scale of what digital transformation truly means continues to broaden as companies continue to push technology solution.  This makes the future of business solutions very exciting indeed.

I’m especially excited to be working with the talented team of consultants at Clade.  Already I have been very impressed with the cutting-edge solutions that they have developed on behalf of our customers.

Which is so important, because our success is crucially born by the success of our customers. So, there is nothing more rewarding than ensuring that our customers are successful and pleased with the work that we’ve done with them.


Suite 201 Level 2, 84 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

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