Products Designed and Built to Meet Industry-Specific Needs

We use Microsoft Technology to develop highly targeted solutions that help companies in specific industries address their digital transformation challenges and create immediate value.

Member Management for Associations

Turn every member touchpoint into an empowering experience

Powered by Microsoft
Powered by Microsoft
After building a custom solution for one of Australia’s largest associations, it became apparent that membership organisations were critically underserved by the software available – there was a growing need for innovation.

We designed CAMS to help membership organisations monitor, manage, and engage with their existing members – and use the insights gained to provide a positive and memorable experience.

Whether you’re an Association, Not-for-Profit, or Industry Peak Body, we can help you modernise your systems and transform your organisation.

Intelligent Workplace Health & Safety Management

Modernise your Health & Safety Management Practices

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Despite being critical for business success, workplace health and safety (WHS) is too often still managed using manual, paper-based processes, and duplicative spreadsheets.

We saw an opportunity to help organisations, particularly those operating in high-risk industries, better prioritise their employees’ safety, in turn driving better business outcomes.

Using Microsoft technology and providing seamless integration with existing Microsoft Applications, our WHS Management platform SCRIM, is a streamlined enterprise solution for companies looking to modernise their health and safety practices.

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What Our Clients Say

“We’ve been using CAMS in the real world for a few months now and it has afforded us a level of stability and reliability we’ve been missing.” 

National Manager Membership & Marketing,
Weld Australia

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“[Clade] were helpful with everything from the initial research to making the most of CAMS. They’ve been with us every step of the way.”

National IT Manager
Program Manager,

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“Before SCRIM, 1 report was going through 5 sets of hands so the data could be captured. Now we’ve moved right away from paper reporting.”

Senior Project Officer
HESQ Manager,
Williams Electrical Service

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