Power up, why Business Central alone isn’t enough

Does your company use Microsoft Dynamics Business Central – previously known as Navision or NAV? And, if so, have you also installed Microsoft Power BI, part of the Power platform? If your answer to the second question is ‘no’, then you’re missing out on data that could be a game-changer for your business.

What is Power BI?

Business Central’s reporting functionality consists of Excel reports – great for summarised information, but not so great for real insights or showing how you’re measuring up against your business goals.

That’s where Power BI comes in. It takes Business Central’s raw data and allows you to segment, dissect and manipulate it. It enables analysis of how your business is shaping up against KPIs, objectives and user profiles. It takes guesswork out of your data and enables you to make well-informed business decisions.

Based on the experience of helping Clade’s clients leverage the power of Power BI, these are what I’d see as its main benefits:

  • Real-time business dashboards With just one click of a button, your dashboards and reports are available from anywhere at any time and through any browser.
  • Award-winning tool Microsoft Power BI won research firm’s Gartner’s Customer Choice Award in 2018 for its functionality, user-friendly interface, and numerous other benefits.
  • Easy to implement If you work with an experienced partner like Clade, the integration of Power BI with Business Central is easy, given all data is centrally stored already. Within a week you could have a CEO dashboard that gives you an overview of your business.
  • Adoption is straightforward If your staff are already using Business Central, they’ll need minimal training for Power BI. With its drag-and-drop functionality, ad-hoc reports can be created within minutes.
  • Sophisticated analytics Power BI enables you to dive deep into your data and get accurate reports on different factors, like location sales or customers. You can customise dashboards and reports by business departments, units, or individual users.
  • Automated forecasts You can use Power BI to predict your business’s future figures based on analysis of previous data. So that enables you to make better business decisions.
  • Centralised data If your company already has Business Central, most – and possibly all – of your data will already be stored centrally rather than in different applications or platforms. So it makes sense to make use of the centralised data to produce reports that will help your business thrive.
  • Cost-effective If you’ve paid for a full Dynamics licence, you might have access to Power BI without any additional fees. The sole upfront cost will be implementation and any required evolution.

Power BI is a vital tool, but it can be complex to configure if you don’t already have experience with it. You really need to appreciate its full capabilities and understand how to drill down to insightful data.

At Clade, we can deliver implementation minus any disruption or downtime to your business. If you’re interested in implementing Power BI, get in touch today.