View the Financial Insights Dashboard Pack today!

View the Financial Insights
Dashboard Pack today!

Discover how easy it is to analyse and
visualise your clinical data with Power BI

Create data-driven finance reports with Power BI. Monitor the performance of your medical centres with live, interactive dashboards that give you a unified view of your revenues per practice, per doctor, per patient, per service. All your KPIs in one consolidated dashboard.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, we will help you meet your specific information needs and make better decisions with Power BI for visualization and consolidation of data from your healthcare systems.

How Effective is our
Business at Generating
Profit on our Revenue?

CFO Dashboard
(Profit Margin Analysis)

The Net Profit Margin KPI measures how e ective your business is at generating profit on each dollar of revenue you bring in. This financial data analytics KPI is a measure of the profitability of the business and is instrumental in making long- and short-term financial decisions.

View CFO dashboard

Are our expenses in line
with our budget and sales


Companies often spend vast amounts of money on the products they sell, incurring expenses such as marketing, storage, manufacturing and salaries of workers. To maintain profitability, it is important to verify each product’s operational expenses (Opex) to Sales ratio is as low as possible. This dashboard is used to reduce a company’s Opex to Sales ratio.

View Opex-to-Sales dashboard

What Was our Profit or Loss
Over the Last Financial Year
and How it Arose?

Profit and Loss

The P&L report is prepared as frequently as managers need them, usually monthly or quarterly. A P&L report goes to the manager in charge of each profit center; these confidential profit reports do not circulate outside the business.

View P&L dashboard

"The Clade team went above and beyond their duty to successfully deliver this crucial enterprise wide business intelligence project. They had to extract massive amounts of data from our various travel, finance and operational systems and presented a consolidated view of the data in easy to understand, but powerful Microsoft Power BI dashboards, so everyone in our organisation can get the answers they needs and start acting on those insights immediately."

Kim Wethmar, CEO TravelEdge Group


Eliminate guesswork through meaningful Insights to make well-informed decisions.

Get answers to all your questions.

Monitor your KPIs in real time from any device, anytime.

Share the insights across the organisation with dedicated dashboards for each type of user.

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