State of Technology at Australian Associations – Benchmarking Report

We all expect a highly personalised experience from the organisations and services we interact with. We’ve been programmed to - you don’t have to think further than your Netflix suggested watch list or the recommendations Amazon makes for you based on past purchases.
We all expect a highly personalised experience from the organisations and services we interact with. We’ve been programmed to – you don’t have to think further than your Netflix suggested watch list or the recommendations Amazon makes for you based on past purchases.

It’s no different for your members. In this ‘Age of the Customer’ they too will be expecting a similar experience from your association. Yet, Clade’s recent research into Australian associations’ technology uptake shows that a startling 70% of associations don’t have a 360° view of their members – information they could be using to improve member services, enhance the member experience and help to grow member numbers.

Read more about some of the challenges facing Australian associations around member personalisation and explore how the right technology can deliver the insights that help drive better member engagement and loyalty.